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Stay True to Yourself

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

There are moments when I struggle when learning new choreography. I am that kind of person who wants to do it right. I think it is important to keep the direction and clarity with the steps but I also think that it is important to stay free in order to experience joy. Inner feelings, how I feel in the choreography or steps can be nice guidance to find freedom in the choreography or steps.

When I am too much in my head I am loosing my flow. It reminds me of the quote Do you want to be right or do you want to have peace. In this case I would change it for Do you want do it right or experience joy :). In the moment, when I want to do it right, I am too much in my head, in the perfectionist mind. In that moment there is not much space for joy.

I think it is great to find the balance between building the skills and experiencing joy. And it takes step by step. Also, the phases can change while learning. In the beginning I might dance with ease, not be attached too much to an idea that I have to do it right, experiencing joy whereas in other moment I might be caught in the idea I have to do it right, loosing a joy for a little bit. And it is okay because when I keep practising, I am building my skills, feeling more safe, and therefore creating space for joy, feelings of freedom.

This is a little reminder for myself and anyone who is is inspired by those words to stay true and kind to ourselves when learning something new.

With love,


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