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Creative Sundays
Street Style LAB NYC 2015
Vzdálenost 2021
ProArt 2017
Arena Dance Camp LA 2018
Flow Ocean blue

I am currently based in Brno, Czech Republic. I've been primary trained as a hip hop dancer and later on I started to study a contemporary dance in workshop in the Czech Republic and abroad. Nowdays I continue educating myself in street dance styles and in contemporary dance, give dance classes and perform. 

Besides dance I received education in Sport Studies. I have degrees in Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport and Experiential Learning and doctoral degree in Kinanthropology with research on Flow experience. Find more on

I currently run my dance classes in which I incorporate my previous dance experience with hip hop and contemporary dance as well as my experience from other movement disciplines of body and mind character such as yoga, qigong and martial art. When teaching my main focus is on creating choreographies and I also use dance as a tool to uplift and connect with others.

I have worked with people of different ages and dance experiences. Giving classes in several dance groups across the Czech Republic (Brno, Prague, Olomouc). I have experience working for private dance studios as well as for non-profit organizations and universities. I also have experience with teaching abroad in Portugal (Coimbra, Lisabon) and United States (Sacramento). Nowdays I focuse on building a dance community and collaboration with other artists.



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