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Choose Your Game

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I have reached a point where I started leaving projects that didn't bring me that much joy. Projects where I did not feel so much emotional connection. Trying to fit in an environment which doesn't resonate with me has been exhausting experience. I can feel the relief that I do not have to continue the same way. Something has shifted. And I am creating more space for my own creative process, for projects which make my heart sing.

There are many different forms of dance in the world and still there is one dance. We might dance for different reasons. I believe that we mostly dance to experience freedom, creativity, self-expression, sharing, joy, connection with something that transcend us, state of flow... Each of us is unique and incline to different forms and styles of dance, music. When we find what excites us the most, resonates with us, feels right, we might feel fulfilled more easily. I also believe that we can learn from any experience even though it is not our "cup of tea". It can bring us new perspectives, extend our comfort zone. I believe we are creative beings in any moment. We can influence any moment we find ourselves in with our thoughts and perception of the moment.

I have decided to choose my game. For now it is to create and participate in projects and activities that brings me joy and feelings of fulfilment. Using my feelings as an indicator to distinguish between what is here for me and what might be not. What is your game?

With love,


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