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"Your movement moved me"

I have been recently inspired by words of one choreographer. At one of his workshop he said to one of his students that seeing him moving moved something inside of him and that experience was very touching. It was beautiful to witness this sharing.

Have your ever thought about what is moving you? What is moving your inner space when watching some piece or someone performing any kind of art? And on the other hand, why we are not moved even though the piece or the moves look perfect?

I would say authenticity could be one of the answers. To be true to ourselves, honest in the movement. It is about connecting with our inner space first and cultivating it and then bringing it to the outside world. We do not have to do big moves or gestures, we do not have to do much if we feel like that in order to be moved. I would also say that authenticity lies in the presence, what is true to us in the moment. And then it comes to my mind that what is moving us is seeing someone who is connected with something higher, something transcendental at the moment. Connected with the space behind the thoughts, with the present moment. Experiencing the state of flow in other words. It is something we can feel as we are all interconnected and therefore we can be moved by that. Dancer or any other performer can be a tool to bring this transcendental experience to the audience.

I can imagine I would be also moved by seeing some extraordinary performance. For me it would be anything doing with acrobatics of any kind. I admire all of the people who are facing their fears in this way as I like staying on the ground. I am always moved seeing different kinds of acrobatics. Most recently I saw professional parkourists and scooter riders in a ramp. These professional athletes have blown my mind. I am always moved by the ability of what a human being can do. Basically said I am moved by potential of human beings and those who are touching it and stretching themselves to the fullest. I believe it can work on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What about you, what is that moves you?

With Love,


P.S. : Isn't it that when someone who performs anything on the edge of human potential such as acrobatics has to be fully present and concentrated in order to be safe and that it is something which makes us present as an audience too and therefore moves us?

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