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You Dance the Way You Live Your Life

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

"You dance the way you live your life". I heard that sentence in one of my first sessions with my dance mentor Teresa Espinosa about a year ago. It blowed my mind. I never thought about that before. And when I looked at my dance and my life that time I saw it. One of the topics in our sessions was to bring more fire, more passion, fierce energy to to the game. When I look at my dance today and the way I express myself in it, I see the difference. I am more courageous, confident, energetic than a year ago. I allow myself to feel anger and frustration in my life and dance classes and use them as a fuel in my dance. Fireee!!! :)

I experienced another strong moment when I was in a dance class of Archie Burnett (pioneer of voguing) this summer. He shared with us that the moves he showed us and the dance (waacking) were inspired by the moments from real life. Being aware of that changed the game right away. We could be fully in the moment, in the dance with our visualization, imagining the situations from daily life and transferring them into the dance. He gave us an example of one situation from the real life where he had to express his boundaries and used the energy to the dance expression. The way he talked about it with the power, confidence and clarity moved me. It touched me somewhere deep inside. It empowered me. It inspired me in my life and in my dance.

What I love about my dance classes is that it is like a training field for the real life. Through our dance we can explore places within ourselves and around, experience feelings, go little bit further with our steps and moves and take the knowledge from the experience with us into daily life. Dance is a safe space to feel confident, express ourselves fully and experience all kind of feelings which can serve us as a fuel for our choreography and other forms of self-expression.

The dance can be inspired from the real life and also our dance can inspire our daily life. It goes both ways and around as we are all connected and have impact on each other.

See you in the class and let's it all explore.

With love,


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