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Where Is My Fire?

I have been recently checking on my inner fire, my excitement, level of energy, sparks of joy, passion connected with the things I decided to cultivate. And I have to admit I have not been recently paying much attention to the things that bring me joy and help me to cultivate my inner flame. With the holidays I have not been doing my regular physical trainings and other practices (except of my writings). The great thing is that my body got chance to rest a little bit more as I got distracted with other things.

But do you know what happens when you stop adding woods to the fire? Yes, it gets weaker and weaker and finally with no care it goes out. That simple it is. We can apply the same principle to us and to our passions, our inner fire. If we stop cultivating our inner space and things that bring us joy, it simply goes out. So if we want to keep going and experience joy and happiness, we need to keep investing our time and energy to the activities that bring us joy, finding time regularly to connect with our soul. To keep our inner fire alive. And that is everyday choice. It is about where we want to put our energy to. What do we want to see to grow and what we want to experience. Our decisions can lead to ignition or burn out...

Where is your fire? How does it look like? Is it strong or weak?

With Love,


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