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The Velvet Rope Tour - Magic Time

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

This year it has been 25 years since Velvet Rope album by Janet Jackson was released. I was growing up on the songs from this album but today, it was the first day I made time to see the show which came with that. You can watch it here:

I was highly inspired to watch it because couple days ago I was invited by Teresa Espinosa, my mentor ( and one of the dancers and choreographers in the tour, to watch an interview about Velvet Rope tour with some of the dancers and other artists who were part of it. Just watching them and listening to them talking about their experience was transcending. You can see the interview here: Listening to their experience and witness their feelings of excitement, nostalgia and love has helped me to touch the space with my imagination, to have glimpses of how it could be like to be there back then. It reminded me of the feelings of why I love dance, music and other forms of art so much. It has got huge potential to create magic. Tyce, one of the dancer in the tour, called the experience in the interview otherworldly. And that is it. It is what we want to experience. To get beyond our minds and experience something extraordinary. Art and music has got this potential and The Velvet Rope tour is a proof of that.

According to my experience with research in Flow experience (optimal state of mind) it is not a coincidence that this happened. There is a huge amount of focused intense work behind each person involved in the project. With their high qualities and mastery in their field of expertise they created conditions for this unique experience to happen. It is like cooking with good quality ingredients. There is an assumption that it will taste good. Of course, we can not have everything under control and I believe we should not have but we can meet the success halfway :). Essence and work of Janet Jackson is a masterpiece by herself and when she surrounds herself and connects with the best of the best from other fields there becomes Velvet Rope Magic.

I am celebrating it this so much because it is something we should be reminded of especially nowdays. We've experienced great advances in technology. I have not experienced any huge concert recently but I can imagine that there is a big progress in technology seen in this field as well comparing 25 years ago. On the other hand, using too much technology can be sometimes distracting and misleading. And here is the time to remind ourselves that audience and the fans played huge part of the success of the Velvet rope tour. You can see it right in the beginning of the video, how excited they were (I had goosebumps everywhere). They co-created the event with their energy and love for the artists. Today we are much more distracted, as an audience but also as artists, for example with our phones and therefore it can dilute the energy we are creating.

As a person with an artistic soul I am highly inspired by the Velvet Rope tour and I am glad I was reminded of what I want to create and see more in my life, what direction to go. It is focused work, growth, love, connection, authenticity and much more. Hope to meet you on the way.

With love,


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