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Trust Your Body, Not Your Mind

Let your body dance, not your mind. Body has its own intelligence. It is connected with the divine intelligence. In order to experience its connection we just need to move ourselves aside. Our needs and wants, how our dance should look like. We just need to create space for the connection and allow it to happen.

I sometimes improvise with no music, usually in nature. One of my first thoughts are 'I don't know what to do' or 'I will just stay still, no inspiration will come'. However, my experience is that the moment I enter to the process of improvisation, there is a constant source of inspiration and information coming. I am moved by the impulses that come from within and also from outside. I am moved by my breathing, by my energy in the body, by sounds and noises I hear around. Improvisation is a great tool for practicing listening and trusting the inspiration that is coming. It helps us to listen through the body, through our senses and other impulses. I believe when we train our connection with our body through listening, it allows us to be better and more versatile dancers, also when we dance to the music. Our move do not have to be dependent just on music but the inspiration can come from other sources, too.

In hip hop dance and in other street dance forms musicality (sensitivity to express ourselves to all kinds of sounds in the song) is highly evaluated. The dancer embodies the music and makes it more visible to the audience.

I believe that improvisation is a great tool that helps us to expand our movement vocabulary, connect with our creativity and therefore be more present and versatile dancer with or without music.

Dare to listen and to be moved by universal dance.

With Love,


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