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The Importance of Community

I was recently thinking about benefits of a community and how powerful it can be. I believe that in well set community, in the place where we feel loved and accepted we can grow much faster as dancers and human beings as well. I imagine dancers being part of a dance community dancing together, jamming, learning from each other, inspiring and supporting each other. That is the kind of community I would love to belong to. When I observe other dance communities I can see their power, strength of being together. I can see what they've built together and that it has got a value for themselves and other people coming.

But what if you can not find the community you would fit in, where you would feel loved and supported. What if you don't resonate with or you are not attracted to communities, people who surround you. What if you can not find your place. What if you admire them for their skills but not feel connected on a human level with them. I still believe that you can learn from these people. Learn new skills as a dancer, you can also learn about yourself in the environment which doesn't resonate with you fully. Your strengths and weaknesses. You can learn to stand up for yourself and not to be dependent on a support from others who are not able to provide it the way you need it at the moment. The good thing also is that we have an impact on each other. The environment has got an impact on us but at he same time we have an impact on the environment we are in and we can co-create at any time, at any place. That powerful we are :).

And another great news is that there are much more options. For example you can create your own community. I love the quote Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe. By showing up and sharing your gifts you can naturally attract people who resonate with you, with your message or path. Who are inspired by the work you do for yourself, for them or others. And I think it is the one of the best feelings seeing your community growing, people coming back to you, actively participating. I believe that community is also about connection on deeper level. We can create together and be friends at the same time. There is that warm feeling in it. I am so grateful for having my small community of ladies, creating together, coming back together. I am grateful for co-creating with my friends and working on our projects. I am grateful for every single person coming to my classes. It brings me joy. I am so grateful for being part of my virtual dance community led by wonderful dancer, choreographer and mentor Teresa Espinosa. We are spread all around the world and open to any creative soul who wants to join. See more on .

I look forward to seeing us in dance.

With Love,


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