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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I think it is important for dance teachers, choreographers or any other creators to find balance between learning new skills, go to classes as a student in order to expand ones own movement, dance or creative vocabulary and also be productive with creating our own work. When we learn something new, we are constantly coming out of our comfort zone. Learning and adapting to new styles, teachers can be sometimes challenging and frustrating. Especially in the beginning of the learning process. I think it is healthy not just to learn from others but also make time for our creative process.

When involved in our own creative process we can feel like at home. Creating space for the unknown to be dowloaded through us can be highly fulfilling experience. And yes, it can be challenging for different reasons. We can experience resistance in the beginning, it is also a part of the creative process. But we should stay curious what is behind once we overcome the resistance. Also when the work is done it can be challenging for others if we decide to share it, teach it but I think that our own creating process is essential and contributes to our happiness. So let's keep learning, growing, creating and sharing.

With love,


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