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New Choreography is Born

Yes. I've made it. We've made it!!! Yesterday I released my first dance project. I've worked on it with girls I have been seeing and teaching dance for a little more than a year. They came to me as new to dance and dance classes so we've been building it step by step. Learning basic steps and moves, connecting with the body, mind and soul, learning choreographies.

Couple months ago I decided to create a small dance project with them. A dance video of a choreography I made. I've been taking virtual dance coaching with Teresa Espinosa (IG @espinosa22) and Teresa has been assisting me with all the process to make it happen. She's helped me to stay committed and accountable to the process.

I have learned a lot on this way and I am happy we came through all the creative process and were able to put it into the final form and present it to the world.

What I have learned

Show up - If we want to create something, we need to show up for the thing. The less we show up, the longer the process takes.

And it is not just about the dancers participating or not participating in the rehearsals. It is also about me as the director and choreographer of the piece. I could feel a huge shift in the last three rehearsals before the video was done. We made the biggest progress when I made the rehearsals longer and more concentrated on the choreography. I was clear and decisive with my intentions. I stepped into it fully and took the responsibility for it.

Set the date - Make a decision, set the date and things start to happen. Teresa has helped me with that one a lot. First there supposed to be 5 of us. Finally there were 3 of us. One girl left abroad and the other preferred school and work. I believe I could wait couple more months for the other girls to join us again when they are available. I would love to have them in the video. But I also wanted to make the video happen on certain time.

Learning by doing - We learn by doing the things. I've learned a lot in this process and made foundation for the new piece. Now I am a bit more experienced, a bit more smarter. Now I know what works and what does not. I can use my gained knowledge for the new piece and bring it one step further.

Choose the right people - In the beginning I was clear about the choreography and also about the people I want to do it with. Working with people who are new to the dance and dance environment, who are recreational dancers can be challenging also in terms that they are learning about the discipline and commitment to the piece in order to make it happen. Dance for them is fun, it is an option. The process then can take longer time. In my low moments I thought it would be much easier and faster to make it with more experienced dancers. But in the end I love to see the progress we made with the girls. We've created something more than dance. We've created a friendship, sisterhood and a community.

Another important part of making it happen was to choose a videographer. I have some friends who make videos. I though about who would be the right match for this particular piece, with the chemistry of the dance. With whom the girls could feel safe to open and express. Someone who would support the whole thing. I am happy I managed to find that person and it all worked out.

You can see the work in the link below. Enjoy <3

With love,


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