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My Creative Voice

Thank you for showing up again <3

Wow, it has been a while since I showed up for my writing on the blog. (I have just read the previous article and it looks like I am starting with the same words. Ouch.) Anyway, yesterday evening a little voice inside of me gently asked me "What about writing a new article for your blog tomorrow?" (I chose Wednesdays to be days for my writings on the blog.) I responded to my gentle voice "Yes, it is a good idea" and here I am today :).

I never know what topic wants to come through me but this time I am sensing it is about our creative voice, also about daring to show up with what we create and continue showing up even though there is a little or no response from the outside world. By showing up regularly we are building our creative muscle, creating more space for the things we want to develop and for our creative voice that wants to come through us. What happens when we stop exercising? Our muscle looses its strength, it weakens. We could feel weak and not capable. We could feel demotivated, with lack of energy, inspiration or enthusiasm. But what if we start to exercise again? We can feel there is a pain in the beginning but also some kind of emotional reward in the form of joy, new energy and ideas. Emotional reward is also something that motivates us to do the activity again.

I am still warming up with this writing but what I want to say is that I believe it is important and I dare to say even necessary to find our creative voice, cultivate it, listen to it, build it, create space for it in order to experience rich and fulfilling life. Each of us can tend to find our fulfilment and creative voice in different activities depending where we feel emotional connection. But I ultimately believe we have the capacity to find our creative voice in anything we do. It all depends on how much space we create for it in our lives. It is about allowing and reminding ourselves to be creative. It might be helpful to give ourselves questions such as "How can I be more creative with the thing I am doing right now?" Another one, "How can I do this activity that it will bring me more joy and fulfilment?" or "What activities bring me joy?"

For me I create space for my creative voice through writing, dancing, creating choreographies, singing, cooking and much more. However, the creative voice can show up in any place and any time, for example in overcrowded tram :).

What about you? In what areas of your life do you create space for your creative voice? Or in what moments does it usually show? Let me know in the comments :)

With Love,


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