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Music Is My Answer

I have always loved music. In my teenage years I remember experiencing ecstatic feelings when watching my favourite music programme on TV. Music is something that moves me. It moves my body, my soul, my emotions, my state of mind, my energy. And sometimes it happens unexpectedly, for example while shopping and hearing song that I like. In that moment I feel inspired to dance, right there in the market. It is fun and it is an uplifting experience. That is why they play music in the stores, to make the place more pleasant so people can shop happily. I don't dare to dance in the store even if I feel inspired but I shazam the song if I don't know it and sometimes come back to it in a safer space.

In February, I did dance improvisation challenge. I improvised every day on random song, that I found on Youtube. I did not know most of the songs but I was happy that I could get to know some new music artists or/and songs. And time to time I still keep improvising on random songs and it helps me to build my music library. If I did not do the challenge, I would not know so many good songs. That is also why I feel inspired to randomly play new songs and dance on them.

The challenge was challenging because I decided to dance on all kinds of songs even if I did not like them. Now, I am in a different phase, I choose songs I like and create choreography for my dance classes. It is very rewarding experience after dancing on all kind of songs and genres. I think that when I choose a song which I like, the inspiration to create comes more easily to me. It uplifts my spirit and there is an emotional bond with the music. That feeling is transferable to my classes. People can sense my excitement and it helps them to feel connected with the music too and have fun.

In my opinion, it is important to create on songs that we like and feel connected to. It helps us to feel aligned and express our creative voice, our full potential. We might call it "to be in state of flow", as well. It consists of feelings of joy and fulfilment. What about you, what role does music play in your life? It does not have to be about dance. It can be preparing a music list for your yoga class or massage therapy. How do you choose songs and how does is affect you?

With Love,


P.S. My favourite song for now is

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