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Make Yourself A Priority

Have you ever thought about what are your priorities? Have you ever thought about what is it that you want to achieve in your dance career or any other career? And have you actually thought about how much time and attention do you invest in those goals to make it happen?

It is great to have goals and visions, to find time for ourselves, to sit down with it and ask ourselves what is it that we really want to achieve. What kind of trace we want to leave behind. Bringing more clarity into it, so we can see what steps we need to take to achieve the goal we set ourselves for. There can be moments when we feel lost, our vision is not clear, maybe we are not honest with ourselves, not asking the right questions or we have just invested our attention somewhere else. Inspiration can come from within but also from outside. Maybe you see someone doing a thing that you like, it can be through a picture, video or a friend of yours in action.

However, once we find the inspiration it is up to us to start to take the steps and be proactive in the area where we want see the progress. Especially nowadays, we can see many people doing different kinds of things of artistic or entertaining character. It looks like that everyone is doing something and sharing it through social media. It is great that now is the time when we all can do something and share it with the world. But to be succesful we need to take care of our business first. What I mean by that is that before consuming stories of anyone else we need to put ourselves and our goals at the first place. Before watching someone else work, we need to create conscious time and space for our work. Being inspired by others is great thing but consuming other peoples content too much might be postponing the work, action we need to take in order to make our dreams come true.

There are many benefits of making ourselves a priority. Making ourselves a priority is actually act of self-love and can have positive impact on our quality of life and sense of happiness. If you, for any reason postpone or skip the thing which you set as important for you, you are actually postponing your happiness and sense of self-worth. Making ourselves a priority strengthens our confidence because once we put ourselves into the action and stay committed to the thing we have chosen, we can definitely see the results, sooner or later. Simply said where we put the attention, it grows. In this case, it could be improving our skills, have more knowledge about the subject of matter, building a positive habit by investing time and energy to our goals on regular basis and much more.

And the great thing about all of that is that once you benefit yourself, you actually benefit the others with your sense of happiness and fulfilment. And I think it is definitely worth it. By serving yourself, your serve the world.

With love,


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