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Keep Yourself Accountable

I believe that if we want to achieve a certain goal or dream we need to learn how to be accountable with our actions and time that is given to us. In other words it is up to us, it is our choice what we do with the time that is given to us but if we do not make ourselves accountable with the things that we believe are important to us there is a risk of not feeling fulfilled and it certainly has an impact on our quality of life. I also believe that keeping ourselves accountable with the things that are dear to our hearts is a form of self - love and self - respect. When we keep ourselves accountable with the tasks that are important to us it helps us to boost our self - confidence. It helps us to see the effort that we continuously build in concrete forms which others can also benefit from.

As I already indicated I think that making ourselves accountable contributes to feelings of fulfilment. Let's say we have certain goals, certain things that we want to achieve within the day, those goals can be little steps leading to our dreams and we for some reason decide to postpone them for other day or time. In the end of the day it will probably not contribute to our feelings of satisfaction. We postponed ourselves and our chance to feel fulfilled. On the other hand if we fulfil at least part of the tasks that we set for ourselves, there is a great chance that we experience feelings of satisfaction which at the same time motivates us to continue on the path toward our dreams.

As a freelancer I am learning to keep myself accountable on daily basis. In times when I am not involved in any dance project I keep myself accountable with taking care of my body to be ready when the opportunity comes. I am learning to be accountable with building my brand as dancer and choreographer and I am happy that I have people around who help me to stay accountable. Thank you Teresa and all involved in our dance program Manifestation for Creatives I am grateful that I can walk this path with you all.

With love,


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