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Joy of Connection

Updated: Feb 28

Do you know that feeling when you dance and you feel that something is off. You just can't connect with a song and it feels like you are just doing empty moves with no sense. You don't feel that you are radiating and you don't really know how to tap in and make the shift.

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves more time and at the same moment not to judge our performance. We just need to stay open, focused and allowing. Allowing inspiration to come and trust when the inspiration starts to come.

We usually feel connected when there is some emotional bond with a thing, person or song. When we really love something and feel safe, it is much easier to feel connected and therefore express ourselves fully. On the other hand, if we are in a place where we are in the beginning of building our emotional bond, for example with a song, and it is not an instant fit, we just need to give ourselves more time to feel connected. When I feel that I am not really connected to the thing that I am doing, I start to give myself questions. For example What can I do to make it more fun for me? And then let my body, my self-expression show me. The change in the approach, energy is instant. It is like allowing my creativity to enter and with the word fun I start to be more playful and therefore joyful and it helps me to feel more emotionally connected. The process starts to be more fullfiling.

I am now in a process of exploring the connection with a random song. In the month of February I am dancing every day on a random song. There are different genres I dance to. If I like the song it is much easier to connect and express myself, whereas if there is a song which is out of my music style, maybe it is a different genre, or not my taste of music, I just give myself more time to explore it. With that I am building my creative muscle and if I overcome some resistance in the beginning, I am usually surprised at how many beautiful things come. But this all is an option and we all have a choice to play music that we like and feel emotionally connected to. And at the same time we might benefit from this little stretch.

What are your thoughts? Let me know and have fun.

With Love,


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