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Injury - Time for Inquiry

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I have hurt my knee while dancing. I was jamming with a friend of mine and in one moment there was an unexpected change. It was my friend's turn to dance but he told me to enter first. So I entered but I probably was not mentally ready as I did not expect it. I resonated with the music and the beat and I put everything into it. Couple moments after I could feel the crack and pain in my right knee. When you would watch me from outside you would not even notice that something happened. Surprisingly I stayed calm. I had surgery on this knee 20 years ago (ligament repair).

New for me is the fact that I did not feel bad about it. I was not sure how serious the injury is but I accepted the situation as it was. I did not take it as dramatic as I would 20 years ago, probably because the injury was not that dramatic as back then, but still I need my body for my job as a dance teacher and performer. Following moments I observed my knee and took the best care as I could. I stayed calm and kind to myself. I canceled a dance workshop where I supposed to go in couple days. In the evening the knee was swollen. The next day I stretched my legs and massaged the muscles around the knee. I tested the movements I could do. I aligned my movements with my breath and was gentle with myself. I was very disciplined with my attention and care and it is has been helpful. I could see and feel a progress the very next day. The swelling was gone and I could move better. It's has been a week since it happened. During the week I had couple dance trainings where I tested which moves I can do and in which moments it is painful. Now I feel I need to slow down and create more space for healing. Adding even more rest and patience.

I could see several benefits which the situation has brought me so far. I've started to take better care of my body, stretch more, also relax and strengthen my muscles. It gives me time to think of the next steps. It brought space for questions such as: If I could not dance what would be the other options I could express myself creatively? How can I use my time when not dancing and continue to build my career as a dancer? How can I enjoy movement and dancing while I have some limitation with the body? What am I learning from the situation? What changes do I need to make in approach toward myself and dancing?

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