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Give yourself a prompt

I have just recently experienced an education program for choreographers and movement directors led by Maya Taylor. She belongs to one of my favourite choreographers and I am very grateful I could learn from her thanks to her online program.

The topic I would like to talk about today is how giving ourselves a specific task or structure in our creative process might be very helpful. First, I got chance to experience it when we received a choreography challenge from Maya. I experienced that the more information were provided to us about how the choreography should look like, the easier and faster was for me to fulfil the task. It was the first time I got the opportunity to be provided with more specific information than I usually am when creating a choreography. And I was amazed how much easier it was to create with all the provided information. It is definitely something I would like to keep in mind in the beginning of my creative process. Being as much specific as possible when creating a new piece might be very helpful. The things I could consider in the beginning might be for example music I choreograph to, energy of the song and movements, if I want to involve any specific move in the choreography, what part of the song I want to choreograph, what does the space look like, are there any specific equipments involved, who is the choreography for, etc.. The more information we provide to ourselves, the more freeing and joyful the experience might be.

The other moment when giving a prompt or intention to ourselves might be helpful is when we do a dance improvisation. Imagine that the song you play and dance to is like an open sea with no limits. There are so many options you could do in improvisation. But once you give yourself a specific task within the improvisation, it might be easier to sail and navigate throughout the song. It also helps to create a connection within yourself and tune to the specific task which consequently might me easier to read, capture and create connection with the audience.

What are your experiences when you give yourself a prompt?

With Love,


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