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Focus - the Gateway to Happiness

In today's article I would like to address the importance of cultivating the focus in our daily lives. Not just for those who work in creative fields, but this topic is valid for anybody who is missing the sense of fulfillment in everyday life today.

We've been challenged with information overload in our daily life. Particularly, thanks to technology, internet and social media platforms. We have many options of what we can pay attention to, what environment we surround ourselves with. It is not just about physical environment but also about mental environment. What information we choose to let in and let ourselves nourish with. When I did my research on flow experience, some people describe it as true feelings of happiness, one of the thing I learned was that contradiction to that optimal state is being distracted. And I believe we are facing enormous distraction coming from the virtual world nowdays.

So what can we do about that? In my opinion, it is about cultivating discipline. Adopting habits that support us, being disciplined in using social media. Training ourselves to use them wisely and not to be used by them. Creating healthy boundaries with them. Set our priorities and be disciplined to work on them first. Cultivating sense of self, finding ME time without any distraction in order to find what I like and what brings me joy. Simply finding time to reconnect with ourselves, it can be through journaling, meditation, daily routines which brings me sense of meaning, walk in nature or anything close to our nature. Also, creating enhancing daily routines for example in the morning after we wake up before we grab our phone and in the evening before we go to bed, to calm ourselves down. This routines can involve breathing and physical exercises, meditation and visualization. You can create it according to your preferences.

Simply put, we have many options to be distracted as well as many options how get ourselves back on the track in order to experience happiness and sense of wellbeing. We have free will to choose what direction we go. Every choice has got a consequence of what we create. So let's choose wisely.

In my dance classes I help people to adopt healthy habits through dance and movement. I look forward to meet us in dance.

With Love,


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