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Enter the unknown

I am currently staying in Turkey for couple weeks and I would like to share a beautiful moment I have recently experienced. I decided to take advantage of this beautiful ancient place touched by the sea and create some dance videos while I am here. Despite the fact, this place is challenging for various reasons (adapting to new environment, culture, way of living, much distraction) I decided to show up anyway for my creative process. One Sunday I went to the city with no particular idea what I am going to create. I just made the decision that I am going to create something and the rest will unfold on its way. And it did. We just need to show up and trust. When I was in the city centre I was reminded by a place I saw some time ago and thought of it that it would be nice place to record a dance video. I decided to go there and do a dance improvisation there. I had my speaker with me and two phones. From one I could play the music and from the other one I could make the video. I set the equipment, chose the music which was available in the moment, checked who is around and did some camera check.

When it was all ready I made the decision to enter the unknown and start to dance in front of all the people who were around. It was a public place and Sunday. People had their own gatherings. I was scared. In my mind I was judging myself, my ego tried to protect me. I felt shame. A lot of shame. Still I jumped. I started to dance and unfold myself with every step, trying to be present as much as possible. Still I was scared. I immediately attracted few children. After I finished my first solo I invited to join them for the next dance. There were 3 little girls. I could see in their eyes and in their body that they would like to join me but they were afraid. So was I :) I played another song and more and more children start to come. As I continued to dance and have fun the children slowly started to join me in the dance. They were following my dance, my choreography, my moves. As I was becoming more comfortable, they were becoming more comfortable. We just needed to give the process some time and space. Not to push or judge, just be there and stay authentic. By the time, other older children started to join. There were some parents observing us and also one older lady joined us for the final dance. In the end I created a little dance class. I was surprised how attentive they all were when learning new steps.

After it all finished, we had a little talk, using the translator and our hands (mostly making hearts with it). I was amazed what I created by showing up, making a decision to create. It was a feeling like entering a vortex. Feeling that all is here for us we just need to show up for it, go for it and magic will happen. Let's keep entering the unknown in order to touch the stars within. You start to see them around. You can find more on my IG.

With love,


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