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Dance without Limits

In the end of January I participated in a dance festival in Prague called Dance without Limits. The festival focuses on contemporary dance and brings brilliant dancers and dance teachers from all over the world to share their skills with local students. This winter session we were honored to meet with dance teachers Adrian Manzano from Spain and Vasko Nasonov from Russia currently living in Izrael. I experienced 3 intense days of dance. You can learn more about this festival here

There were two options of classes, one for intermediate students and the other one for advanced dancers. I picked the intermediate class as I have some basic experience with contemporary dance of this kind. The specific thing about the intermediate class was that most of the students were little girls around 9 years old. There were also older students who were closer to me, at least in their height, so I could feel tiny sense of belonging :). Years ago I would feel frustrated that I share the class with little girls, but nowadays I was welcoming it. I would soften into it and allow myself not to judge myself and not to compare with others. I also had to show my courage because as soon as we all were about to perform some movements, all the little girls ran and lined up behind me so I was the first in the line:).

In the beginning, it looked that there is a gap between us based on the age difference but as we shared some time together the gap started to dissolve and we became all friends. We shared the same passion for dance as well as the same insecurities and we supported each other when we needed. Within the 3 days I made friends with people of different age and I felt very blessed. We all found our way to each other very naturally. They count on me with translating the class or when they were exhausted. I counted on them whenever I felt I need more courage to do moves I was afraid of to do. We all learned from each other regardless of age.

There is spring session coming up and look forward to meet with my tiny dance friends. More about spring edition can be found here. There are no limits if we want to experience joy. Keep dancing and showing up.

With Love,


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