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Dance - My Life Long Partner

It's been a while since I last posted my article. I am not sure what happened and where exactly I got off the track with my regular posts. My intention is to bring new article every week.

Anyway, today is great to make a post. Do you know why? Yes!!! It is International Dance Day, April 29th. Happy International Dance Day to everyone :)

To be honest, I have not planned to make a post today but since I signed up for a writing program I chose to do it as my writing practice. And with all of that I would also like to share some of my dance insights along the way.

Today I would like to write about what role dance has played in my life. Well, it's been a while since I met dance or dance met me?...I was 14. I saw him even before but did not dare to commit. I was shy but since I committed to him, dance has helped me to overcome my fear of being seen. For that I am very grateful. Something has shifted since I first entered a dance cypher ("A cypher is freestyle dance jam where an open circle is created and people take turns dancing in the center. ", 1). What I love about dance is that your dance practice can extend into your everyday life or other spheres of your life (other creative expression, sports, self - presentation etc.). In my case, it has helped me to communicate better and express myself creatively. Sure there are moments I blush when sharing something in public but it is more frequent when I speak than when I dance. With dance I am gradually building my confidence. It is one of my greatest tasks, I am not done with this one but definitely moving forward. There are people cheerleading me on the way such as my dance coach Teresa Espinosa ( or my dear friends and family.

To me dance is a complex world. It might be complex because you meet people on the way. You can be part of a dance group, dance or movement workshops or classes, you can dance in a club or perform on a stage or street. You can also experience all different kinds of dance, such as social dancing, ballet, street dance, belly dance, you name it. Dance can be very intimate and inward experience as well as very extroverted. You can dance on a recreational level or pursue dance as a career. And each of the environment can be very different. Some could be more loving whereas some could be more competitive and based on fear of competition. In my experience, dance can also test our internal environment. Our self - worth and relationship we have with ourself, for example our self - trust, self - love and self - confidence. Dance can be healing and at the same time destructive if not planted in a healthy environment. The reason I mention it is because I have been there. In destructive places of my own mind which reflected in the surroundings as well in healing and creative places that uplifted me. And as I heal on the way my internal environment, the dance environment also changes. I make differerent choices, more of those which are in alignment with my highest good or at least I wish:) Isn't it fun?

I grow with dance every day. Sometimes I am excited, sometimes I am tired, even exhausted. It might be a sign that I am not going the right direction, maybe pushing too much. It might be a sign to rest for a bit or get rid off the baggage I collected on the way. After all, we've been together about 25 years with more or less intense times but always knew about each other. So today as it is the International Dance Day and I give myself permission to rest a bit and keep dance in my heart while writing this post.

And what is your story? Feel free to share with me what role dance plays in your life.

With love,


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