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Dance Is a Healing

Today I would like to write about power of healing through dance. This year I have experienced several times how dance has helped me to heal and uplift me.

One awakening experience was when I was in Impulstanz dance festival ( taking workshops with Archie Burnett. I remember that just before my first class started I was quite emotionally exhausted and depleted after experiencing huge amount of stress and insecurities caused by previous events. However, as soon as the workshop started my energy started to come back, basically with the music, simple steps and loving heart of Archie Burnett. It was my medicine. Natural one. And I was amazed how fast it worked. Just right away. The experience was so tangible. I was happy that I could experience it for myself so I can share it with others and say: "Hey, it really works. I experienced it. I felt it in my body, mind, heart and spirit." Yes, I felt the uplifting shift in every cell of my body. I felt the joy. I felt like finally being at home. The depleted energy started to come back within one class. In one week I was totally different person :)

I believe that music and dance help us to get out of our minds. Get us back to our bodies. Music can be healing. It can help us to connect with our emotions and when we combine it with simple movements or steps, the impact on our system multiplies. And it is fun. It can be great fun. I also believe that the power lies in simplicity and authenticity. That man who gave us the class, he is a master of his art and he just kept it simple, step by step. No pressure, no complicated steps and if yes they just came much later when we were ready and settled in ourselves. He was in alignment with himself and he offered us the space where we could experience alignment with ourselves as well. I believe that when we are in alignment the healing can occur and that it is the mind that makes things complicated. The healing lies when we get beyond our minds. So keep it simple and keep it real. These are just few messages and insights I took from Archie's class.

I have also experienced it in my classes. I might be coming to my class I teach tired with lack of energy and motivation but as soon as I start to play music and dance the energy starts to shift and the class starts to unfold itself. It is like entering to some sacred space. I have also experienced several times people saying that they came to the class tired and with lack of energy and that the class helped them to feel better and experience the positive shift in the end. It helped them to release some stuck energy in their body. I believe the clue lies in changing the perception of the known, focusing on something different, on their breath and how they feel in their body. It helps them get beyond their minds.

So lets keep getting beyond. Let's keep dancing my friend.

With love,


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