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Today I would like to talk about role of commitment in our dance journey or in any journey we choose to walk, anywhere we would like to witness an improvement or feelings of satisfaction and deeper sense of happiness.

There are days when we feel strong, energised, joyful, able to do thing with ease and no doubt and there are also days when we feel tired, depleted, fearful, in need to slow down and recharge. Women can experience it with their menstrual cycle, each week has different energetic quality. It does not have to be just that. Sometimes we can feel tired for various other reasons, we can be tired mentally, physically, emotionally, overwhelmed by our life. What I am trying to say is that life is not linear, life is dynamic process, constantly changing and it can be sometimes challenging to stay committed to our goals and visions :)

What I suggest is to stay committed in the area of your interest even though everything else is changing. Even though you are not in the mood of doing it that day. You can adjust, maybe you can go slower that day, or do less, maybe you will be surprised that you will gain the energy back on the way. I believe most of our resistant is mental. Once we say I will show up anyway with my fear of success or loss, tiredness or resistance, once you accept what you have at that moment and go with it, it will all change and you have chance to experience feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment for the work you've just done and that can inspire you and motivate you to continue. Then you can see the results and with that experience new opportunities in the area of your interest can appear. Because you showed up for the thing and that thing showed up for you.

Much love,


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