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Why do we dance? Why do we come back to the class?

Finding joy in activity you've been performing for a long time can be sometimes challenging. I would compare it to a long term partnership. How can we find joy in a long term relationship? I believe it is about willingness to invest ourselves over and over again. Not to take things for granted. The more energy I invest, the more can come back to me.

There were moments I thought that I am doing all the time same moves when dancing, improvising. It seemed to be boring but then I questioned that thought and asked myself What can I do to enjoy the dance more? And this awareness totally changed my perception and open new space for me. I started to "intertane" myself. I heard this term "intertane" from Naropa, a mystic, an artist. Basically it is about finding connection with my true self. The one behind the thoughts. Thoughts can be sometimes distracting, thoughts can be something which holds us back when dancing, improvising because thoughts are usually judgemental. And every judgment influences us, it can either uplift us or belittle. It depends on how we cultivate our inner environment and what beliefs we choose to believe about ourselves. All of this is reflected in our dance.

Joy is a feeling which motivates us to come back and do the activity again. So when we want to be successful as dancers I believe it is also important to cultivate the joy, not just technique. It is what nourishes us and at the same time positively affects those around.

Imagine a dancer who is technically excellent but is disconnected from his feelings. That performance might be admirable but boring at the same time. Whereas there could be a person who is not professional dancer but simply enjoys moving and that might bring a smile on your face. I believe when doing dance professionally it is definitely important to cultivate the technique but in order to sustain in the professional environment it is as much important to cultivate joy as well.

Joy might be something why we started to dance and it is something we should keep reminding ourselves of. Especially now where there is a great focus on form and perfection in dance. It goes hand in hand with technological progress. But remember joy and other feelings is what makes us HUMAN and touches the heart of others.

With Love,


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