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Quality of the Movement and Its Impact

Today I would like to touch a role of preparation of the body before pursuing any specific goal such as learning a new choreography or perform.

I have been recently inspired by a dance performance of two women. Their quality of movement in the performance was very captivating, especially when they were doing partner work. I, as an observer, could feel great connection between the dancers on all levels and it greatly affected me. It brought up different sensations in the body and touched me on an emotional level as well.

After the performance we got chance to talk to the performers, share our experience as an audience and learn about their creative process of the piece. We learned that beside being great and long term friends, which brought sense of intimacy, they worked intensely on physical connection. Fulfilling each other needs helped them established their connection. The performance was about womenhood so they worked on qualities which support the woman essence such as nourishing and gentle touch. They used tools as jin yoga and massages to nourish themselves and embody the feelings and sensations. And me as an observer of the performance, of the final work, I could definitely sense it. It somehow transferred to my body and nourished me as well.

Body is a great tool and the role of preparing it before any performance is very important as it is all reflected in the quality of the movement of a dancer. And then, it is transferred to the viewer. I would say that the deeper and authentic connection between the performers, the deeper experience within the viewer.

In my opinion, preparing the body and embodying certain movements before learning the choreography has also great impact on the grasping and experiencing the choreography well.

Great preparation is half of the success. Or even more? What do you think?

With Love,


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