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Mindset of a Dancer

This week I was reminded twice of the role of mindset in our daily live and also in dance. Wow, it is huge and exciting topic. Winner takes it all :). Different situations are popping up in my mind when I think of the role of mindset in various environment such as sport or stage performance of any character. When I think of a sport discipline where mindset plays huge role I think of tennis. It is known that the best players or athletes can achieve similar physical skills but in the final rounds it is the mindset that determines the winner of the game.

And it brings me back to a memory of a workshop about acting principles where our lecturer right in the beginning of the class shared an idea what talent is. She said that the talent is when you are free of self-doubt or any other limiting beliefs about yourself. That is when your light is shining bright and you are not dimming it with limiting beliefs about yourself you might get on the way growing up, either in your family, school or any other close environment. And that is the work baby. When we are full of limiting beliefs about ourselves there is no space to shine bright. And that is our light that touches others and creates connection. That is what we want to experience, be nourished with.

So, if we want to succeed we need to check our default mindset first. Take a personal inventory of our beliefs. Sit with it. See it. When we are aware of our limiting beliefs we can change them, step by step with the right tools, intention and consistency, we can rewrite them and create new story. So remember "You Are Enough" as Archie Burnett said. We just need to stop believing our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Dance is great and safe space how to practice our self-worth and self-confidence. Let's practice it together.

With love,


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