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Dance as a Language

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

This topic came to my mind when I was thinking about my process when learning new choreography.

The choreography I am learning right now is by Galen Hooks called River. You can find it here It is a powerful piece.

When learning a choreography, in order to express it fully, first I need to understand what I am saying with the dance. I need to understand it from within. One thing is to learn the moves, technique, form and another one is what is behind the steps, what is the energy like, feeling, story. There are many moves which I can read silently (watching the video) but when saying them aloud (dancing it by myself) I need to understand the meaning of them, the feeling. That is the moment when I need to go within and bring out my sources. Otherwise, doing just the steps with no intention, feeling is like saying words with no message. I can learn the words, I can even learn how to pronounce them perfectly (be clear with the choreography). But what do I really want to say with these words. Are the words important? Or the energy behind? Are the steps important or the energy behind? I think, both. Yes, sometimes we talk with no words, just with the energy, feelings. I think words help us to clarify, define what we want to say. I perceive it as a tool.

This routine has been challenging for me, I am learning to express my strength, my confidence and sensuality. It is a great material to learn from and give it a try. You can see it soon on my instagram.

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