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Stage Presence

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I have been recently exploring the art of performance. In last couple months I've attended several concerts and dance performances where I've had an opportunity to observe performative skills of other artists.

One of the events which has influenced me the most was a concert of a music artist Sevdaliza. I’ve been impressed by her outstanding and powerful stage presence. Her performance has changed me. It imprinted into me a sense of self-confidence and empowerment. I took that experience to my dance improvisation practice the next day. I stayed with the sensation of seeing her performing. I had two positive feedbacks on my practice that day. The first one was how I felt when performing. I felt strong and confident, being able to take more risks and go little bit further with the steps and expression than before and second was that my teacher told me that I did really well :).

Since that I've continued practising my performative skills. Connecting my inner world with the world outside. Recognising within me and others when I am serving and sharing myself with the world and when I am not. (There can be moments when we are performing but still not building connection with others, with the audience. It can be caused by staying to much in our head, trying to control the situation, experiencing fear or insecurities.)

Performing is giving. My teacher of improvisation shared with us that the word ENTERTAIN means that you are entering a tain (plate). Like you are serving. You are hosting your audience with your presence, with your plate, anything you want to share in that moment. Bringing yourself out there, your feelings, your vulnerability and authenticity. And yes, it can be courageous act of serving and sharing our plates with others but it is also what creates connection and deep sense of meaning to the performer and to the world.

With love,


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